Dietary Manager

Location: Windsor, CT
Hours per Week: Varied
Salary: $72,000 to $74,000
Contact: Julie Shea –

Position Summary

The dietary manager is responsible for planning various menus to meet the needs and requirements of Sisters, employees and guests, preparing and serving meals according to methods of safe food handling. Responsible for buying and ordering adequate food supplies to successfully carry out each week’s menu, managing kitchen staff, operation and maintenance of the kitchen and its appliances with respect to all standard food and safety protocols.  Must be able to work with others and have patience, discretion and good judgment.

Essential Responsibilities and Qualities


  • Plan menu cycles based on healthy diets for residents and others, in a professional, caring and efficient manner; create seasonal & international specials to avoid redundancy  
  • Prepare three meals, salad bar, fruit platter, dessert daily and special event meals for Sisters, employees and visiting guests
  • Prepare, serve and store food according to recognized safe food handling practices, including but not limited to labeling, temperature and date maintenance and rotation 
  • Responsible for ordering, purchasing supplies and maintaining inventory within budget. Receive, inspect and reconcile deliveries and properly store perishable and non-perishable items
  • Oversee the proper cleaning of the kitchen and its contents; sanitization of pots, pans, cooking utensils, floors, shelves, storerooms and all kitchen equipment to pass health inspections 
  • Maintain a safe working environment by following standard safety protocols along with proper storage of chemicals
  • Manage kitchen staff and bi-weekly schedules.  Oversee that kitchen staff procedures are in accordance with the food and safety protocols mentioned above; provide them with the tools and supplies needed


  • Initiative and judgment in setting up meals, seasoning food, utilizing leftovers and presenting food in an attractive manner
  • Must be able to cook a variety of foods in large quantities and be able to make simple estimates relative to quantities of food required and the proper cooking methods and times for various cuts of meat 
  • Contribute to a climate where hospitality, compassion and mutual support are expressed
  • Assist and collaborate with co-workers as time permits or when requested by Administrator
  • Patience; initiative; flexible; efficient; and the ability to accept responsibility
  • Lead by example
  • Follow the principles of Resident Rights and Resident Privacy – by respecting residents and supporting their dignity
  • Abide by the HIPAA regulations by respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the Sisters at all times. If uncertain about how to proceed, refer all issues to the Administrator
  • Keep current on food regulations, maintain Food Service credentials
  • Respect the physical environment of the Julie House Residential Care Center and report any accidents/repairs needed promptly to the Administrator

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable related duties as assigned by the Administrator

Education/Experience/Required Skills


High School graduate; completion of courses in food preparation desired – Food Service Certificate


Prior work in a food service environment – with management, menu planning and budgeting skills preferred; previous work with geriatric population is desired, but not necessary; good organizational and communication skills    

Physical and Special Demands

Requires the ability to do routine bending, lifting up to 30 Lbs., standing and walking for prolonged periods. Some irregularity in scheduled hours due to ordering food items, holidays, special functions, and vacation coverage