Blessed are they who show mercy… Novena Day 5

Artwork by Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SNDdeN

Reflection on Psalm 125

You surround us like mountains;
you keep us safe and secure.
When we trust you, we, too,
are like the mountains
unshakable and enduring.

You are strength.
You are protection.
You are mercy.

You offer your riches to every one of us –
rich, poor, believer, non-believer
we are one in your heart.
Help us give, in turn, to others.

Peace be upon all people.

ACTION: The gifts of this earth are for everyone. Do you have more than you need? This week sort through your excess and donate something to a charity that serves the poor.

This reflection was written by Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN. A poet and a gardener, Sister also coordinated the Mission Appeal program. Sr. Joan Krimm, SNDdeN, selected the Dorothy Stang quotation.