East: All Souls Remembrance 2018

November is a time to remember loved ones who have died. It is a time to remember their goodness and how they enriched our lives. It is a time to be grateful.

Our Sisters will be joining you in praying for all who have died. 

Please use the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of this page to list the names of those you’d like the Sisters to remember and something special about each person. Please Note: It may take up to a day for your information to appear on the list.

Also, you are welcome to join the Notre Dame de Namur University community and Sisters at an All Souls/Dia de los Muertos Mass on Sunday, November 4 at 7pm in Cunningham Chapel on campus. If you’d like to join in the procession from the cafeteria to the chapel, please arrive a few minutes early. For directions and a campus map, visit this page.  We hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you for praying for my loved ones:
    Ann Eileen Giacomino, a devout Catholic her entire life
    Brian Charles Bush, my recently departed husband of 46 years, who gave all who knew him kindness and love

  2. Prayer request for my second mother Sister Audrey McGreevey . AKA Sister Kenneth .
    Also for my Father Antonio Silva Melgoza. May they continue to Rest In Peace.

  3. Jennie & Richard Jew, who provided my children and me with their generous, selfless, unconditional love and guidance.

    Mr. & Mrs. Ding Lee, my loving grandparents.

  4. Thank you for including my dad, Jess Jones, in your prayers.

    Please also hold my brother in law, Todd Russo, in prayer this All Souls Day.

  5. Please remember our nephew, Timothy Dowling, who passed away too young from Lyme’s Disease.
    Also our dear cousin, Della Fasceski, who passed away recently from heart surgery complications. Both will be greatly missed!

  6. Please pray for my dear sister Rosalee Atkins Johnson who attended Sacred Heart and Palma , Salinas and who passed away last month . Gone too soon our dear Rosie !

  7. Please remember…
    Trisha Wilson, a kindhearted friend
    Anna Celini, my generous, sweet aunt
    Susie Valero, my mom’s faithful, devoted sister
    Angelo Altamura, my grandpa, my role model

  8. The deceased members of the:
    Matasci and Valenti families…my parents and immediate family members
    Pusateri Family including Sr. Frances Dolores SND
    Settrini Family Benefactors
    Alumnae of Notre Dame High School, Salinas

  9. Prayers of gratitude for the life of Peter Ronzani, Clare Ronzani’s brother, who will be remembered in a memorial celebration, November 3rd. Also prayers for the sister of Aileen Donovan, OP, Betty Donovan who died suddenly last week.
    Thank you.

  10. Please include in your prayers my immediate family who have gone home to our good and loving God:
    Leopoldo Bonequi, my kind and caring Dad.
    Maria Esperanza “Nena” Bonequi, my Mom who modeled for me how to care for others.
    Paul Bonequi, my brother who showed me how to cherish friendship.
    Roberto “Beto” Bonequi, who helped me to nurture and grow my compassion.

  11. Alexander Mottau; my very special son who was caring, loving, and hardworking.
    Elly Mottau; beloved mother, grandmother and friend. She never had a bad word to say about anyone.
    Frank Mottau; father and grandfather. Navy Veteran, hard working, and loyal.
    Steve Mottau; son, brother, uncle and caring friend.
    Susie Vanderford; she died too young from a rare form of cancer. She is missed everyday.
    Tim Miller; loving father, husband, son, brother, and friend. He was so kind and caring.

  12. Please remember my parents, Charles and Marian Frick, and my brother William Frick. My parents created a loving Catholic family and made sure that their children were well educated.

  13. In my thoughts and prayers is my dear cousin, Sr Kay McMullen. As we approach Thanksgiving I am filled with gratitude for her presence in my life and that of my family. We miss her and think of her daily.
    Please also remember our beloved grandmother Lucille Frances Burke, our grandfather Leonard Thomas Burke; and, my Dad Leonard Francis Burke. We miss them and are grateful for their gift of love in our lives.
    Please remember my living family members who need help with their daily struggles.

  14. Michael Amend Fletcher, my first cousin in Orinda, who died Sept. 6, 2018 of acute leukemia.

    Lindsay Z. Fletcher, III –Michael’s older brother–who died Oct. 14, 2018 in his Hillsborough home the night preceding his brother Michael’s Celebration of Life memorial. Lindsay worked a night shift for over 40 years in order to be home in the daytime as support to his sister with rheumatoid arthritis; he continued as her companion and caregiver through his 5+ years of retirement.

    Jane Mahon Lydon of Silver Spring, MD, my husband Jack’s only sibling, who died in her sleep Oct. 23, 2018. We buried Jane today in New York. Jane suffered a stroke in January 2008 which left her unable to walk or speak for 11 years.

  15. For all deceased alumnae of Notre Dame High School, S.F. especially my sister Hilda Adriasola, her classmate Katie O’Leary, my classmates Gioia Cipcich and Cynthia Rueda Helpap – may they be at peace.
    For my dear parents Luis and Martha Adriasola.

  16. Georg Lonergan (my father) who was a grandnight and also kept sacramental vigil with the nuns in Boston. He won first prize in Latin in Boston Latin School in Boston. He assisted the priest in saying Mass whenever called upon until he died in 1951. He helped people in the neighborhood who had difficulties in school. He taught an agency class at his work and wrote a textbook of insurance. When he died the family rec’d many letters from all over the world praising him on his extra special talents of living a business life with good virtue and especially emphasis on honesty in business.

  17. Please remember my grandparents, Gloria & Margarito Haro
    My grandpa Martin Abad Sr., whom passed away 40+ years ago
    My uncles, Manuel & Jesus Abad
    Virginia & Eduardo Haro, amazing and loving people
    Aunt Teresa Haro, an angel gone too soon and would be proud to see her daughter graduate from Yale this year
    Lance Welcher, energetic and family oriented medical practioner

  18. Please remember and pray for my mom Mary Tirado a devout Catholic all her life, and my recently passed cousin and aunt from San Bruno – Socorro Morales and Victoria Healy, my uncle Paul Tirado, my great aunt Carmen Romero, my grandparents Pablo and Rosalba Tirado, and my great grandparents Teofilo and Cessaria Tirado. My dearest friend Aileen Furuyama.

  19. Please pray for the souls of my dear uncle Jesse Morales, my uncle and aunt Jim and Beverly Tirado, cousin Frankie Jones, great-grandparents Victoriano and Guadalupe Romero, great-aunt Amelia Romero, and my 3 great-great-aunts who were students at the Notre Dame Girls School in Alameda – Emelia, Carmen and Margarita Salido-Rodriguez.

  20. Sr. Mary Geraldine Sinnott, SND
    Sr. Mary Anselm, SND
    My two aunts who instilled in me the love of God and our Blessed Mother

    Wayne Cummings, beloved brother and brother-in-law.
    Maude and Ralph Arnold, my parents
    Oveline and Francis Cummings, Marlene’s parents
    The John and Patrick Sinnott families

  21. Remembering my Uncle Frank, my Grandma Lois and my Grandpas Frank and Kevin, my Auntie Virginia, my Uncle Nilo, Thomas Smith, Blaine Bradshaw, Great Grandma Amada Hirschbach, Great Grandma Albertina Simonini, Lama Tharchin, Youngdrug Tashi, Karma Rangjung Kungkhyab, Randy Pedigo, Phyllis Landick, teachers seen and unseen

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