Prayer and Fasting for Peace in Ukraine

Pope Francis has called upon all members of the human family to make March 2 – Ash Wednesday – a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine.

The gospels, Catholic social teachings, and our Notre Dame de Namur Hallmarks speak strongly of the dignity and protection of human life and the promotion of peace. May we stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine by calling for an end to the crisis and by raising our voices in prayer for peace in the region.

Let us hold in prayer:
The people of Ukraine that they may be granted peace, compassion, and an end to armed conflict.
The people of Russia that they may demand peace and non-violence from those with responsibility and decision making power.
The people in nations and territories worldwide who face fear, anxiety, and harm from warfare, political conflict, and unjust systems.
Our national and world leaders that they may work for peacemaking and diplomacy that ends warfare, prevents human suffering, and protects human life.
Our community members who have ties with family and friends to these regions that they may feel our care and embrace.

With thanks to Kathleen Quiazon, Director of Mission and Ministry, Notre Dame High School, San Jose.


  1. Thank you for offering words of compassion and hope that our hearts and voices can utter together in the face of the atrocities being suffered by our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. Thank you as well for words of encouragement for the rest of us to respond with whatever action we can to end this suffering and to help with the healing.

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