Service at Work with Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps

A Notre Dame Mission Volunteer at work with her students

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers (NDMV) was founded in 1992 by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. It focuses on promoting literacy and education by placing volunteers in communities around the world. In 1995, NDMV partnered with AmeriCorps to officially be known as Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps (NDMVA), and today, over 400 members serve in 24 cities each year.

Mission Volunteers follow the Sisters' mission, believing that education is key to fostering human dignity, self-esteem and personal strength. They aim to build a supportive community among their members and those they serve, embracing cultural and social diversity. They work to empower individuals through education, community engagement, leadership development and the promotion of multicultural harmony.

Check out these stories from the NDMVA blog, Inside Service, and see how the current volunteers are making an impact.

Yvonne McNeil taking a selfie.

Empowering Vulnerable Populations with Financial Education

"Learning about finances can release people from pressure and stress that they don't even realize they're under," Yvonne McNeil said. She is responsible for facilitating six finance classes a week for some of the most vulnerable populations in the United States.

Find out how Yvonne empowers her students

Natalie using a leaf blower

Planting Purpose: Natalie Ross’ Service Journey

Natalie is experiencing the sweet fruit of watching seeds of purpose grow into a life of service. Through NDMVA, she serves at Mission of Mary Cooperative, a nonprofit organization that works on food justice issues on the inner east side of Dayton.

Learn more about Natalie’s life of service

Gaby playing with a child

Mother to Many

Gaby Zubia is a living example of letting love drive her to bring goodness into the world. Gaby is an NDMVA member who serves with the I Have a Dream Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. Rather than letting her experiences in life harden her heart, she makes a choice each day to keep it open.

Learn more about Gaby’s calling

Dominque playing with a baby

A Service Reflection

Dominique Kizer's time spent serving at Therese's Nest, one of two Zelie’s Home locations in Cleveland that empower pregnant and parenting women to take positive and effective action for themselves and their children, has been enriching and eye-opening.

Learn more about Dominique’s service

A group photo of volunteers at the MidYear conference.

Mid-Year 2024: A Highlight of My Year

The NDMVA Mid-Year Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, was a highlight of Vrushali Thakkar's year. Spending four days with her Atlanta cohort helped the team bond, share service experiences and encourage each other to improve and serve their communities more effectively.

Read more about Mid-Year from Vrushali

Skye taking a photo with her grandmother

Women’s History Month: Skye Cronje

Although there are many women out there who inspire Skye Cronje, she decided to dedicate a post for Women's History Month to her grandmother. Less than a week after Mid-Year, her family put on a memorial service for her grandmother, who passed away in 2020 from terminal cancer. Skye connects her service work to her grandmother's legacy.

Learn more about Skye’s inspiration

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