Sister Ann Marie (Agnes Dolores) McAndrews

Sister Ann Marie McAndrews- SNDdeN

“How good is the Good God who tries us.” – St. Julie Billiart

I am the oldest of six children and feel I came from one of the happiest families. We didn’t have much money, but had so much love that money could never have bought! My dad worked for the telephone company for over 46 years and my mom was always home for us.

In my freshman year of high school I had Sr. Bernadine and Sr. Aloyse Patricia. They were the kindest Sisters and always so patient with all of us.

In 1947 I went out on my first mission to teach 35 second- and third-graders. After six months in the classroom I decided I was never going to learn to teach! I went to my superior Sr. Aimee Marie and told her my decision. I said I would be happy to stay and answer the telephone and doorbell. She looked at me and asked me to try it for one more year. Somewhere along the way I “got it” and taught elementary classes and was principal for over 30 years.

Presently I am pastoral associate at St. George in Framingham, Mass. It’s been very life-giving for me. I prepare and present for all wakes and cemetery services. I do baptism preparation, home visits and weekly visit a woman in prison.

This Jubilee I am most grateful for my good health, that at 92 I am still able to be in active ministry.



St. Joseph School, Somerville, MA
St. Augustine School, Andover, MA
St. Thomas School, Peabody, MA
Holy Redeemer School, East Boston, MA
St. Michael School, Exeter, NH
St. Mark the Evangelist School, Dorchester, MA
St. Monica School, Methuen, MA
Our Lady of the Presentation School, Newton/Brighton, MA
St. Mary School, Cambridge, MA
Our Lady's Academy/Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted, Waltham, MA
St. Mary of the Assumption, Lawrence, MA
St. Patrick School, Milford, NH
St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn, MA
St. Francis of Assisi School, Medford, MA

Prison Ministry

St. George Prison Ministry, Saxonville, MA