Sister Audrey (Mary Kenneth) McGreevy, 1935-2014

As a student, first at Notre Dame Elementary, then at Notre Dame High School, San Francisco, Audrey McGreevy knew many Sisters and it was their example that helped her decide to enter the novitiate at Saratoga after graduating.

From Guadalupe School in Santa Barbara to St. Francis School in Seahurst, Washington, she taught nearly every grade. Beginnings are always difficult, and she remembers that, at age 21, with no experience, she was given 55 second-graders. She says, “I was amazed that they even stayed in their seats!” Children loved her and she loved, perhaps especially, the most difficult classes.

SR-McGreevy_Audrey_students_WEBSister found that Jesus’ parables spoke to children, and one she never failed to teach was the story of the Good Samaritan. In the classroom and on field trips she taught her students to be open to those who were different and to give generously to those in need. While teaching at Sacred Heart, Saratoga, she regularly took her students to visit the elderly and infirm Sisters at the Notre Dame Villa Infirmary. “Every field trip helped the children become more sensitive to others, but getting to know these older Sisters was especially helpful to the children when a grandparent became ill or died.”

Later, Sr. Audrey earned a master’s degree in counseling and served as counselor at Star of the Sea School in San Francisco, St. Matthews School in San Mateo and Mt. Carmel School in Redwood City.  One former student called her the "child whisperer."

She will be lovingly remembered by many.

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