Sr. Elaine McTaggart

“It’s more virtuous to live with imperfect people than to live with saints.” – St. Julie Billiart

I was the youngest of four children and went to public school until my years at St. Gregory High School. It was there I knew I wanted to be a teacher and there I first met the Sisters of Notre Dame. After many talks with my parents, pastor and many Sisters I decided to join the order. I have never regretted that decision.

I started off teaching in the elementary grades. One year I had fifth grade and the next I was moved up a grade. The following year I was moved up to the next grade. That was the year we changed from our religious names back to our given. One boy who’d been in my class for two years was overheard saying, “Thank goodness I’ve got a different teacher this year!” He was quite surprised when he entered the classroom and it was me, again!

I taught for 49 years in the classroom, including 25 years of math at St. Gregory High School, and later 10 years of tutoring. I cannot name the place I liked best because I loved them all.

I believe like St. Julie “it’s more virtuous to live with imperfect people than to live with saints.”



St. Rita School, Lawrence, MA
Blessed Sacrament School, Cambridge, MA
St. Charles School, Woburn, MA
St. Laurence O'Toole School, Lawrence, MA
St. Gregory School, Dorchester, MA
St. Ambrose School, Dorchester, MA
Arlington Catholic High School, Arlington, MA
Notre Dame Education Center, Boston, MA