Sr. Elizabeth (Immaculata) Murtagh

“The beauties of nature must lift up your soul to your Creator. You will look upon them spread before you like an open book.” – St. Julie Billiart

I am first generation Irish, the fifth child of hardworking parents. Our life was simple but we didn’t lack for anything. We grew our own vegetables and kept chickens for eggs.

I went to grammar and high school with the Sisters of Notre Dame and felt this inner call to be a religious but I also really wanted to marry and have a family. After high school I worked for eight years and ran from this call. In the end I made a decision to enter and felt peace.

My last teaching mission was perhaps my favorite. Many of the students were from the Projects and had difficult backgrounds. I strove to be firm and fair, but with a sense of humor. On a trip to the public library, the boy with the largest head tried to take a picture of his head on the Xerox machine while another attempted to photocopy a $20 bill he had stolen from his mother. We were expelled from the library…no sense of humor!!

I also taught senior citizens about the legislative process and our work led to the filing of a Bill that would benefit the elderly poor of Boston. The Bill was eventually signed into Law. This was very rewarding.

I am grateful for my varied life experiences and for the freedom the Congregation gave me to explore different expressions of ministry.



St. Augustine School, South Boston, Mass.
St. Thomas the Apostle School, Peabody, Mass.
St. Mary School, Danvers, Mass.
St. John/Ascension School, Worcester, Mass.


Massachussets State Legislature, Boston, Mass. – Constituency Work
Massachussets State Legislature, Boston, Mass.  – Research Director- Special Committee on Welfare
Massachusetts Advocacy – Legislative Aide- Gerontology Staff
Association of Older Americans

Pastoral Minister

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Peabody, Mass. – Pastoral Assistant/CCD
St. Rose of Lima Parish, Topsfield, MA – Religious Education Coordinator
Holy Family Hospital, Methuen, Mass. – Chaplain
Mary Immaculate Health/Care Services, Lawrence, Mass. – Chaplain
St. Elizabeth Hospital, Brighton, Mass. – Chaplain
St. Joseph Medical Center, Dorchester, Mass. – Chaplain
Hospice of the North Shore & Greater Boston, Danvers, Mass. – Director of Hospice, Director of Volunteers & Administrative Work
Salem Hospital, Salem, Mass. – Volunteer in Health Care Programs

Service to the Sisters

Boston Province Team Administration
Mother St. Joseph House, Wakefield, Mass. – Community Coordinator
Ipswich and Chestnut St., Wakefield, Mass. – Volunteer
Ipswich and St. Mary's School, Lawrence, Mass. – Volunteer