Student Leadership Conference 2022

This June, from the 21st to the 23rd, the Fifth Student Leadership Conference took place at Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts with nine of the Notre Dame high schools and seventy people including students and chaperones. A major focus of the program included sessions on developing the art of listening in order to respond to the current challenges and needs of our day.

On Wednesday, they traveled to Ipswich for the Laudato Si presentation, the CLT sessionand a visit to the animals at Cuvilly. Speakers were Sisters Patty Chappell, Anne-Louise Nadeau, Mary Alice McCabe and Joan Burke. Sister Mary Johnson and the entire Congregational Leadership Team listened to the students giving them advice on media outreach and how to implement our Chapter calls. Students also heard from the Emmanuel Counseling Center on student outreach during this extended pandemic era. The conference finished with Mass and a Missioning ceremony.

The students had a tremendous time and were very grateful for their new friendships and the input from all the speakers.

by Maria Delaney, SNDdeN

This article was originally published in "eNews" JULY 2022 | VOL. 13 NO. 6