Notre Dame de Namur Circle of Prayer

Our Circle of Prayer allows our Notre Dame de Namur family to join together to support one another in prayer. We invite you to submit your prayer requests so that the Notre Dame de Namur Sisters, Associates, alumni and friends can pray with you for your intentions. Please note requests may be edited for space.

In addition to the Circle of Prayer, you can remember or honor someone by making a gift through our Memorial & Tribute Program.

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Please pray that the Lord showers his mercy, grace and blessings upon me so that there is some material progress in my life.

Received: January 26, 2023


Jesus my Lord I pray for Mariana & Luis that you continue to direct my children’s path and keep them close to You, also continue to be with them and hold them close to You in everything they have chosen Amen.

Received: January 16, 2023


For Judy, age 69, who is failing to thrive, that she will recover physically and spiritually.

Received: January 13, 2023

Mary Lacaire

Please pray for my son Matthew's emotional, spiritual, and physical health, as he completes his senior year of college cross country. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Received: January 7, 2023

Roger Apte

Please pray for the complete healing of my body and mind. Thank you.

Received: January 6, 2023

Sherry Lynn Short

For Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI -May he rest in peace.

For Former associate Margo Lemonis -May she rest in peace

For myself, I am losing my job in February, that I may be able to get disability.

God Bless

Received: December 31, 2022


Please pray for the reunification of my grandson with his dad, my son.

Received: December 30, 2022

Elinor McCormick

Please pray for my 36 year old son-in-law Blaine who is in the hospital while they try to find out his cancer diagnosis.

Received: December 30, 2022

Lorna Walters

Pray for family harmony and reunion

Received: December 30, 2022


Please pray for the family of Laney Loidd. Laney was 6 years old and died of pneumonia.

Her family is devastated and so asks prayers of the Sisters.

Received: December 22, 2022

Bob Driscoll Driscoll

For former sister and my wife Marge Hartford Driscoll

Received: December 21, 2022


I am asking for prayers for my friend who lives in Ferndale, CA after the earthquake this morning.

Received: December 20, 2022


I am asking for prayers for our granddaughter who has Covid and is vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. I ask for your prayers that she has an easy recovery and that her family members remain well so that we may all gather for Christmas. It has been a difficult year and gathering this Christmas would be very healing for all family members. Thank you for your prayers. We are very grateful.

Received: December 19, 2022

Roger Apte

Please pray for the healing of my body and mind.

Received: December 19, 2022


Please pray for our family friend Chris Morri who is missing. May he be found safe and with no harm.

For my mom Patricia Fasano Mersaroli. May she find peace and love for her birthday and the holiday season. She has been struggling with grief and unhappiness.

For all my family and friends that they all have a wonderful holiday season. Stress free and remember the real reason we gather.

And too all you sister of Notre dame de Namur that you have a healthy and joyous Christmas and New Year.

Received: December 16, 2022

Rachael Bertone

My friend Mark is experiencing some very worrying health symptoms, Dear Sisters, please pray that his doctors can identify the cause and find an effective treatment.

Received: December 11, 2022


Please pray for the full recovery of Greg Kolodziey who recently suffered a heart attack, surgery, etc.Thank You

Received: December 9, 2022

Nashon Odhiambo

Please pray for me and my family at this season of Christmas so that we receive the blessing and have courage in God

Received: December 9, 2022


Please pray for Stuart and Sharon Ross.

Received: December 9, 2022


I pray for reunion of my family this Christmas. That we can come together and rebuild our relationships. Thank you.


Received: December 8, 2022

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