Overcoming Racism

The US SNDdeN Anti-Racism Team for over 20 years has worked against systemic racism and for policies and actions that will move us toward a just society for people of all races. Our Christian faith and the values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur compel us to cry out for justice and compassion. we pledge to raise our voices and to act now to end the scourge of institutional racism, which has cost us so dearly.

It is long past time to dismantle white privilege and to rededicate ourselves to building God’s beloved community.

Violence and White Supremacy Cannot Stand

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur East-West Province pray for the victims of racial violence and hatred.

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Making a Way … Out of No Way

By Sister Gwynette Proctor, SNDdeN

I am a third-generation Black Catholic woman who grew up in Baltimore City, Maryland, while attending twelve years of Catholic School and experiencing the pain of racism at a very young age starting in elementary school. I, along with my sister and brother and my cousins walked to school through white neighborhoods where the residents would scream at us, throw food at us and spit on us.

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Lent… An Anti-Racism Perspective

By Sister Marilyn Pechillo, SNDdeN

Some small but effective Lenten practices might include educating ourselves about Black History and the history of racial oppression, talking with someone who has a different perspective on racial justice, praying a psalm or favorite prayer from an anti-racist view. We might also challenge ourselves to imagine how a news item might affect people in different circumstances from ourselves. 

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