Sister Jeanette (Marie Pierre) Braun

“Continue to love one another… and remember always to welcome strangers, for by doing this, some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

(Hebrews 13:2)

Reflecting on her sixty-plus years as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, Sister Jeanette (Marie Pierre) Braun, SNDdeN, sees a common thread that has been woven through all of her many ministries.

Her loving spirit of welcome was a gift that she received from her parents while growing up with her four brothers. There was always room at the Braun’s table for a lonely neighbor or someone in need, so it’s not surprising that Sister Jeanette’s favorite scriptural passage is: “Continue to love one another… and remember always to welcome strangers, for by doing this, some have entertained angels without knowing it.” (Hebrews 13:2)

From the beginning of her teaching ministry, Sister Jeanette created an inviting space of learning for young children. She continued that same spirit as a co-founder of the San Francisco Mission Reading Clinic, where she nurtured immigrant students from many different cultures.

Jeanette with her production assistant at Hewlett-Packard's video facility.

Because she had a background in special education, Sister Jeanette was asked to lead a project at Catholic Television Network. Using live, interactive broadcasts, she built a community of special-education teachers from both Catholic and public schools.

Later, she applied this experience and her creativity and communication skills as a producer at KGO-TV in San Francisco. Her Sunday morning TV program focused on issues of peace and justice.

Marcela (left) was a baby when Jeanette accompanied her family though the asylum process, and Jeanette recently attended her graduation from law school.

In the 1980s, Sister Jeanette became immersed in the Sanctuary movement. Her knowledge of Spanish was an asset as she accompanied individuals and families through the sometimes-agonizing process of gaining political asylum. The bonds made with these people whom she welcomed into her home and supported have endured. During this period, she worked at Hewlett-Packard Company, where she coordinated worldwide training broadcasts via a video network.

Jeanette with the first California-based Notre Dame AmeriCorps members.

Sister Jeanette welcomed the first Notre Dame AmeriCorps volunteers to California during the 1990s to work in San Francisco and Redwood City, Calif. Some of the volunteers helped staff Kids in Partnership, a non-profit cross-generational tutoring program that Jeanette directed.

Corporate community relations manager and friend Rachael Bertone met her through Kids in Partnership

“Jeanette set the standard with a high-quality program that was not only very effective, but created a loving, enriching environment for all participants," says Bertone. "Since then, I've come to know Jeanette's love of beauty in all its forms and her deep capacity for empathy."

A gathering of Notre Dame Associates and Sisters in Carmel.

Hospitality was at the heart of her ministry at the House of Prayer in Carmel, where Sister Jeanette helped create a prayerful environment for the community and guests. Her artistic gifts frequently grace the Province Center in Belmont, Calif. where she had an integral part in the selection of the furnishings and decor when it became our new home.

For ten years, Sister Jeanette served as co-coordinator of the Notre Dame Associates, and assisted with their formation, retreats, and activities that put our Associates in touch with the Notre Dame mission around the world.

Jeanette receives a hug from one of her favorite Table of Plenty guests.

For ten years, Sister Jeanette was director of the Table of Plenty, a non-profit organization that provides a weekly supper for the elderly, struggling families and homeless members of the Half Moon Bay Community. As she and volunteer helpers welcomed and nourished the many attendees, they lived out Jeanette's favorite quote from St. Julie: 

“Our charity must not be limited by the love we have for one another. We must have hearts as wide as the world.”

In March 2022, Sister Jeanette received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her work at the Table of Plenty.

At the time of her Jubilee in 2017, Sister Jeanaette said, “Looking back over these 60 years, I am most grateful for my family, my Notre Dame Sisters, Associates, and friends who have loved, supported and challenged me. My many ministries have brought me in touch with diverse groups of people who taught and inspired me – some by their courage, faith and joy despite hardships and adversities, others by their compassion and dedication to create a more just community and world.”

Sister Jeanette adds that, “While working alongside our Notre Dame AmeriCorps members, our Notre Dame Associates and the many volunteers at the Table of Plenty, I have witnessed tremendous generosity and compassion. This gives me hope and great joy.”

By Sister Yvonne Bondi