Sister Marlene (Edward St. Anne) Biasiello – 60-Year Jubilarian

“Faith is having the courage to believe that God will do it before you see it.”

Sister Marlene Biasello (formerly Sister Edward St. Anne), SNDdeN, entered religious life on August 11, 1957 at Ilchester, MD.

She now ministers as a Support Coordinator for other Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

On the occasion of her 60th Jubilee in 2017, she wrote the following:

As the years go by, it becomes easier to put yourself into God’s hands and allow God to bring you “to it.”

For the past 26 years, I have been a chaplain at Stella Maris Nursing Home in Baltimore County, MD. To be a Chaplain at Stella Maris and minister to residents and family members has given me many growth-filled experiences—especially using my gifts for the good of others.

I marvel at the simple way God allows me to see His presence and loving goodness in my everyday life. I find myself grateful for life itself, trusting in God to lead me where He wills.

Through the years the influence of family, friends and ministry has helped me to be accepting, understanding and patient, but most of all loving.

I sometimes wonder what I would be doing now if I had not listened to God’s call to be a Religious. Being in Notre Dame and ministering at Stella Maris has blessed my life and keeps me grounded.

May I continue to thank God for the surprises of each new day!