Statement Calling for Immediate Action to Address Violence and Suffering in Gaza

Graphic of a statement calling for immediate action to address violence and suffering in Gaza.

March 22, 2024 – In the wake of the unfathomable violence and suffering unfolding in the Holy Land, our hearts ache with profound sorrow. The egregious attack on October 7, 2023, has sparked relentless assaults, resulting in unimaginable loss and devastation. As Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, we cannot remain silent in the face of such tragedy. The denial of food, water, shelter and medicine – basic human necessities – has plunged the region into a cycle of despair and anguish while the flames of fury engulf innocent lives.

Today, we raise our voices in a call for peace. We demand a bilateral ceasefire, the immediate release of all hostages, and the urgent restoration of critical funding to alleviate the plight of those suffering in Gaza. It is our unwavering commitment to stand in solidarity with the powerless, confront the evil of war, and condemn the senseless killing of countless men, women and children.

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur advocate for justice, compassion and peace, as compelled by our faith and conscience. We speak not only for ourselves but on behalf of the most vulnerable, whose cries for mercy echo unheard amidst the chaos.

We invite you to join us in our mission to be agents of healing and reconciliation in a fractured world. Let us work tirelessly to extinguish the flames of conflict and sow the seeds of hope and understanding. The time for action is now for the sake of all humanity.

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur U.S East-West Leadership Team
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Ohio Leadership Team |

Contact your federal legislators today and ask for the following:

  • An immediate, lasting ceasefire, de-escalation and restraint by all parties 
  • The delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza, including food, water, fuel and other life-saving items
  • All parties to abide by international humanitarian law
  • Steps to secure the immediate release of all hostages and to protect all civilians