Looking Forward Into a New Year

By Sister Barbara Thiella, SNDdeN

This year I invite you to pause before you move into the new year. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur share a lovely tradition with many other persons of faith: the last three days of the waning year are devoted to asking for forgiveness, expressing gratitude and looking forward with hope.  May your heart be strengthened by reflecting on these three aspects for firmly closing the door on the current year and standing at the threshold of the new.

candlesSeeking forgiveness is a holy and hard task whether it means addressing those "I put my foot in my mouth moments" or the more troublesome missteps in personal relationships. Both can suck the joy out of living with the peace that this holy season promises. For me, I continue to hope in Jesus whose story promises light no matter how my steps stray into darkness.

You contribute to my personal gratitude for many good memories from 2013: you add light and delight to my understanding of family, friendship, work and our world. As I grow older, the quality of old and new relationships lingers like the taste of fine wine: together and with God we can illuminate even the darkest corner.

With you I pray and long for peace where there is discord in persons, places and events. I look forward to more moments in the new year that reveal a loving God.